Copy quality checklist

Write cohesively for a better user experience

Also known as:
checklistquality check

Before you ship your hi-fi design, make sure you’ve done a final check of your text for the following elements:

  • All titles and buttons should follow sentence case, i.e., should begin with a capital letter and only proper nouns are capitalized.
  • All spelling should be US spelling. For example, ‘organization’, not ‘organisation’.
  • Your sentences should be in active voice. A good way to spot passive voice is to look at the person or thing responsible for doing the action. If they’re left out of the sentence, or they’re mentioned after the actual action, then there’s a chance you’re writing in passive voice.
  • Make sure you embed links within your writing and not say “click here.”
  • Double check your writing for industry jargon and tech speak. Find simpler, more familiar alternatives (that can also be translated into other languages).