File upload

File upload lets people provide one or more files from their device's storage.

Also known as:
UploadImportFile inputFilesFile selectorMedia pickerDrag and DropDrop targetDrop zone

AnchorNeed to know

  • You may upload files using a file picker (with a Button) or a drag and drop interface (with a Well).

To keep in mind

File picker

A file picker lets people browse files from device storage to choose a file or files to upload them to our products.

  • Provide a form label and an input type="file", which looks like a button, to browse files from device storage.

Drag and drop

A drag-and-drop file upload lets people drag a file or files from their device to an area of the interface (a "drop zone") to upload them to our products.

  • Drop zone style:
    • Provide a visual cue, such as a Well with a dashed border style, to show what part of the page is the drop zone.
    • Before dragging, highlight the drop zone with a clear, obvious border or outline.
    • While dragging, emphasize the drop zone even further for a strong affordance that dropping is possible in that area.
  • Where possible, make the whole window the drop target on hover so there's a large drop target that demands minimal coordination.
  • Offer a file picker as well as drag and drop.
  • Consider the risks of multiple drop zones on one page.


  • Show progress for the upload itself while the file is uploading:
    • Where possible, show remaining time to upload the file or files using a progress bar. If it is a short, unknown time, consider using a Loading Spinner.
  • Show progress for processing and other handling of files, such as validating content in a CSV:
    • Process an uploaded file sometimes takes longer than uploading. You might consider showing a single progress bar for both the upload and processing step. You might also consider using a Workflow to show progress across multiple steps.


  • Consider how to handle these common file upload errors both technically and in terms of experience:
    • Large files (e.g. prevent uploading files over 10MB).
    • Retry or resume the upload if it fails part way through (e.g. if there's a flakey network connection, automatically retry and let the user know).
    • Format limitations (e.g. limit image uploads to only JPG and PNG, and prohibit SVGs to avoid risks of JavaScript in SVGs).
    • Dimension limitations (e.g. reject images over 10000px wide or high).

File types

  • Consider what kinds of files to handle:
    • Images (e.g. company logos and personal avatars that need crop and preview).
    • Spreadsheets in various formats, such as CSVs, XLSs, and .numbers.
    • You might need to provide an error state to reject files provided in other formats.
    • You might need to provide microcopy upfront to indicate what file formats are accepted.

Image uploads

  • Image alt text:
    • Consider if the user needs to provide alt text with the uploaded image or if it's appropriate to provide an auto-generated alt text, such as the company name for a company logo.
  • Consider letting people crop their images or provide default cropping, such as circle clipping/cropping for avatars.
  • Consider showing people a preview of their image before saving it.
    • People might be able to start manipulating (e.g. cropping) the image without waiting for full upload in modern browsers.
  • Consider letting people position the image within a frame (e.g. positioning a rectangular image within a circle for an avatar).

Handle paste events

  • In a textarea, you might let people paste images from their clipboard as well as drag and drop files to that textarea.

Other considerations

  • Consider if you need to support and handle multi-file uploads.
  • Consider if file export needs to be supported.
  • Consider providing a template file.

When to use and when not to use

When to use
  • We can sometimes avoid building features for manipulating files in our products when people can export and import files to manipulate them outside of the platform, especially tabular data.
When not to use
  • Drag and drop is often more complex than a file picker, so you might offer only a file picker for infrequently used features.

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