“Brand is a promise to your customer, culture is how you deliver on it.” — Didier Elzinga

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AnchorNeed to know

  • The Culture Amp logo includes the Culture Amp name and ensō brand marque. The primary horizontal logo is the go-to logo for most applications.


UI Kit


To keep in mind

To preserve the integrity and visual impact of the Culture Amp logo, always maintain adequate clear space around it. The clear space around the logo is an integral part of its design, and ensures the logo can be seen quickly, uncluttered by other logos, symbols, artwork, or text.

  • Use the red colored logo on the following backgrounds only:
  • Use the white reversed logo over images, flat colors and dark background tones.

There is an alternative stacked logo available for cases where the primary horizontal logo does not fit the application dimensions well. Example usage:

  • Sponsorship logo walls
  • Eco system logo examples
  • Formats with a narrow width
  • Swag
  • Signage

Collective Intelligence logo

We use the Collective Intelligence logo to highlight when the platform is using Collective Intelligence or particularly noteworthy machine learning/modeling.

  • Show this logo when we use Collective Intelligence.
  • This logo gives complex features a visual identity that is easily recognizable.
  • Sometimes the use of Collective Intelligence means there’s an interesting calculation going on that people want to know more about. You might then provide a link, “How is this calculated?”, next to the logo to open a modal with more information that gives people greater trust in the science behind it.

External links

Here are some examples of other existing design systems: