Also known as:
Horizontal rulesHRLinesStroke


Dividers are thin lines that group content in lists and layouts, or separate blocks of content.

AnchorNeed to know

  • We have designs but no components for dividers.


UI Kit


To keep in mind

Dividers separate content into clear groups. This helps people navigate the information hierarchy.

  • We use full-bleed dividers in lists/menus and middle dividers to group or separate content.
  • They inherit the background color they sit on, hence the need for an opacity (alpha).
When to use
  • When whitespace is not enough of a separator.
  • In lists, separate items to show they are individual and unrelated items when each item is long and otherwise difficult to scan.
  • In layouts, when background color changes (e.g. from stone to white)
When not to use

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